Okay, yes, we JUST said that water signs guys are less likely to lead you on than other guys. Move on, not moving on will only create more bad tension. Usually though; he’ll just tell you he’s not into you anymore. If not then he doesn’t love you as much as he thinks he does and he will keep pulling hoaky crap like this. That independence will turn him on. He’s unsure and trying to figure things out. She Has Many Reasons. Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Or rather is it a test to see if I can give him space while he is busy and not give him flack for doing what he needs to? Her attitude is like not interested in you and she is acting very cold towards you. They want someone for their happily ever after and they feel like you are not that someone, they will shut down. ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19) Aries is a fiery fire sign. Ao far I have no problem with Aries man. He told him he doesn’t care for me as I do and he told me I scare him. If it still doesn’t change then you’ll need to consider moving on. When she is having dinner with you, she's so cool. Aries man not interested anymore? Would love your thoughts, please comment. 1. Busy is alright as long as he doesn’t totally blow you off. Aries men need to be handled carefully when you want or need to express your feelings. When an Aries man is interested in you, he will pay attention to even the smallest detail. To learn more about Aries man, please read my book “Aries Man Secrets”. So yes, this probably annoyed him. Yup, that’s an Aries man who’s doing his best to disengage. It makes the woman feel special and that he wants more from her than he may actually want. Aries men who are looking to back out of a relationship can be … So I don’t get the idea that he is not interested. If she cannot handle him like that while they are dating, he figures she’s probably not a good fit for him and will want to move on. He doesn’t think things through and just goes with what he feels rather than what logic would help him truly discover. …have I blown it with him.. Alright, you did the right thing out of the gate by letting him know you like him. Is he still pissed off? However, luck is not on your side. He may be aggressive more: 10 Signs He’s Not Interested In You Anymore. Luckily, when an Aries man is interested, he makes it clear. Even in relationships, they don’t want to have to answer to their girlfriends or wives. Women often blame the man for doing his own stuff and not giving her enough attention, and then she just jumps to the conclusion that he has no interest. One of the Primest signs is, her Caring for you. He Sees You as The Person to Have Adventures With. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. An Aries man is active, excitable, impulsive, optimistic and go-getter. He is not hiding that he fancies you. When you ask how to get ‘him back..focus on really listening to what he says, e.g Why do you scare him? What you need to focus on is yourself and fix the problems that scare men away. If you don’t do that he will not change and he may find someone else he commits to and then you will lose out. Aries can be one way online or via text but when you meet him in person, he’s quite different. I’m happy for you and I hope it lasts a lifetime sweetheart! He applies these very same personality traits when it comes to matters of the heart. Try to show him you’re independent and are just fine when he’s not around. Virgo men can be very picky and if he realizes that you are not a good match for him, he will definitely not go past the first date with you. If they want to be in a relationship with someone, they would let that person into their personal space, inviting them to co-host a party or go to invites together or ask your opinions in their daily affairs. Be careful! Just go flow with it and we have been a year doing it. Time to get that inner strength brewing! Don’t expect your Aries man to be the shy type. If a Libra man is rejecting you, he will do it in the nicest way possible. He will ignore my texts and won’t replay for 12hrs and due to lockdown we can hardly meet lately. MORE: 10 Signs He’s Losing Interest In You The exception to this is if you know you’re insecure by nature and expect a man you’re dating to lose interest. Sadly this may sometimes be an illusion. If he wants to get a woman, he’ll do it. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Not just in relationships, but in everything. They do this hot and cold thing when they’re trying to decide what they want and if you’re someone they want to go further with. With Aries man I guess you should play nothing to loose. They are courageous, natural leaders and look for new experiences and thrills. It sounds like he lost interest and doesn’t want to tell you why. Well you’re not going to find out either unless you actually take the initiative and ask him if he would ever consider being more than friend with you. Give him a little time then try to message him again. I hope this helps! We won’t be even able to meet. He avoids talking to you. They look for someone who is in it for the long haul. Keep reading to learn the signs Leo man is not interested. So pay heed, move on and find someone who is. Are you interested in the telling signs an Aries man likes you? There is no need to waste your time with someone who isn’t interested, hoping they would change their minds. Best advice I can give you is never force a connection. Aries doesn't care how you feel -- either you meet his needs, or you don't. So I do play he is the one have to text me or call me. I love a Libra man and I have three out of the four signs. I wouldn’t take offense to it. Create space and let men miss you!!! A clingy woman is a turn-off for most Aries men. A good sign that a Virgo man is not interested in you is if he does not want to have a second date with you. Here’s how to know is your Aries man interested or not. We all want to be with someone who is a home and an adventure all at once. Busy is alright as long as he doesn’t totally blow you off. Then he said he was going to stay at his mother house. Does he one day act hot and bothered then act as though nothing matters to him? If you’re serious about getting and keeping the Bull for good, check out Taurus Man Secrets.. Here’s how to tell if a Taurus man is not interested so you can do something about it—or … It’s not an accident that this is sign number one. Leo in Jerk Mode. While dating someone, he will want to do things his way and in his timing. I was pushing to much and he has pushed me away. Distancing himself, going to events without you, not seeking your opinion are all telltale signs that he is not that into you. Signs That He "Loves You" Only While He Is Playing With You. We texted a lot at first before meeting (I met him online) and on our first date we had sex. My aries man and I were childhood sweethearts. ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr 19) Aries is a fiery fire sign. He’s very inconsistent i tell him that all the time and he still does it I get sometimes he be busy but damn can I get a good morning text at least ? I've moved on. Thanks for the post, Anna. And then he said I won’t forget about you, and so I gave him 5 days space and I tried contacting him yesterday and he has now not even opened my messages for 2 whole days which is VERY out of character for him. As you can guess, not all Aries are on that mission. If you’d like to learn more about Aries man including how to win one back, you should check out my book “Aries Man Secrets”. But I got to the stage when I want to leave no matter what. He has to spit it out or you’ll never truly know what is going on. He has been incredibly busy leading to the lack of communication. If there is one sign that is straight and to-the-point, that cuts through the bullshit and tells you like-it-is, that sign is Aries. He needs to learn time and patience in life. When I am not reading or writing, I star gaze or take long walks in nature. Aries man not interested anymore? A Libra man knows the art of communication very well. Signs An Aquarius Man Is Not Into You 1. On the other hand, they do not have a lot of understanding as to what is in their heart. The thing is, he isn’t thinking about relationships or what it will do to you if he dives into bed with you. It sounds like you found a unique formula that works really well for you and your guy. If he is quiet and not paying attention to you then he may not be into you. An Aries man is usually very sure of his sexuality. That’s fantastic! I just started seeing an Aries man. I really like this boy but should I move on ? However, luck is not on your side. This is one you just need to skip past and move on because you deserve better. So if your gut is telling you that his feelings towards you have changed, it’s probably right. When he’s around someone he isn’t interested in, he comes off very differently. That may not be what he’s doing but it appears that he’s hot and cold thus mixed signals. It is the most sensitive, deep, intellectual and psychic of all zodiac signs. Top 10 signs an Aries is into you. When a man likes you, it’s obvious. We have many arguments and I tell him it’s over each time we argue but we usually end up making amends. Aries men are direct and speak what is on their mind. Just be patient but if he gets too cold on you then you might want to tell him how you feel about it. If he really truly loves you then he will be there. With an Aries man, there is a strong possibility that he does miss you when you are not around even if he does not show it. This gives him the “coming on strong” appeal that women fall for. Keep talking to him and see where it goes. If you’re serious about getting and keeping the Bull for good, check out Taurus Man Secrets.. Here’s how to tell if a Taurus man is not interested so you can do something about it—or … She refused you because she had another appointment. He’s showing you that he’s just not into it and doesn’t find you to be someone he wants to be with. If you never met in person then he never actually really knew you as a person and you didn’t really know him either. He needs to do the very same thing. He sounds immature and not over his ex. He may get hot with her and then ignore her, because he wants to see if she’ll stick around. If he starts blowing you off more or going silent then there may be an issue but just intermittent isn’t a bad thing. Signs He’s Not Interested in You Anymore Sign One: No Contact. Now we are in relationship and I just wait and see without forcing him. No Impression At All. A disengaged Aries is an Aries giving you a clear message. Here is a list of signs that show, he’s just not that into you, based on his Zodiac Sign. If he only likes you as a friend, he won’t say a word about your appearance because there is no need for it. The thing is, he isn’t thinking about relationships or what it will do to you if he dives into bed with you. 1. If a Libra man is rejecting you, he will do it in the nicest way possible. It might be a good idea to learn everything you can to help you move forward and try to win him back over. Yes, an Aries woman will never care for you, and you if she has done with you. And I am worried he will break my heart by completely blowing it off…. Then I moved. They want to do what they want to do and anyone who tells them differently gets the cold shoulder. This shocking video will show you 3 ways to tell if your Aquarius man … He stops returning your phone calls. Sounds like he is confused not scared.. Just go with the flow as in time he will patiently gradually open up to you it seems. Yes, an Aries woman will never care for you, and you if she has done with you. Though being cautious and taking everything into consideration before jumping into a relationship sound not romantic at all; however, it will protect you from heartbreak. Then she’s the one with the problem and he’s free and clear to move on with his life feeling guilt-free. by Taurus Girl I'm Taurus and he's Aries. Signs He Isn’t Interested 1. An Aries man won’t invest time in someone that they are not interested in. He said it was okay about the situation . They are courageous, natural leaders and look for new experiences and thrills. How do I get him back sylvia, Sylvia, he said you scare him and you want to get him back lol. Only an Aries on a mission to observe everyone around them will pay serious attention to those around them. It can be heartbreaking! The thing is, if he’s told the woman he loves her, he means it. Leo in Jerk Mode. I think that before you two get together fully, you both have to take care of your own situations. When a Taurus is not interested in you or flat out doesn’t like you; he’ll act as though you do not exist. Leave because you’re unhappy and things aren’t working well for you. There are situations of course, where he got into a relationship too quickly and decided that the woman wasn’t the right one for him so he just decided to quit talking to her so that the situation sorts itself out. You need to listen to your gut. Hi Louise. See also: Signs an Aries Man Has a Crush on You. I made it clear that I don’t randomly sleep with people but we talked very intimately before meeting and instantly felt comfortable with one another that first date. But sometimes we’re so focused on finding our happy ending we don’t learn how to read the signs. You’ll have to prove to him that you’ve changed and won’t push him so hard again going forward. I find women who have been single for a while find their selfs in such situations. How to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don’t; the ones who will stay and the ones who will leave.” – He’s just not that into you. Are you experiencing a little back and forth with an Aries man and not sure what it means? Radio Silence . If your Aries guy wasn’t interested in you then he probably would not contact you anymore or get together with you in person.