Assessment, equalization, levy and collection of assessments for irrigation district purposes: RCW, In the event of the failure of the lands within the local improvement district to furnish money sufficient for the payment of principal or interest of the bonds or the contract as provided for in RCW, Whenever, by reason of the sale of land within a local improvement district for unpaid taxes or assessments, or for any other reason, it may appear apparent that the remaining lands within any such local improvement district are and will be unable to pay out the cost of such improvement or the bond issue or contract indebtedness therefor, the landowners of the local improvement district may petition the directors of the irrigation district or the directors of the district may upon their own initiative, and either upon receipt of such petition or the passing of such resolution the directors of the irrigation district shall cause a complete survey to be made of the affairs of the local improvement district pertaining to the payment of the cost of said improvement, and shall determine the amount of property remaining in the hands of private owners that is still subject to assessment for the improvement, the amount of land standing in the name of the district which is subject to assessment for said improvement and the amount of any lands which may have been entirely removed from the liability of any such assessments, and such other and pertinent data as may be necessary, in order to determine the ability of said remaining private property to pay the remaining balance of the cost of said improvement, and if as a result thereof it shall appear that the remaining private property will be unable to pay the said remaining cost of the improvement, the said board of directors shall determine what amount and to what extent the remaining private property will be able to equitably pay on the cost of said improvement which shall include the privately owned property and district owned property and such remaining portion of the cost of said improvement which the directors find said land can equitably pay and in such amounts as in the judgment of the directors shall appear equitable after taking all circumstances into consideration, shall be assessed against the lands within such local improvement district and shall be levied and collected in the manner as in this act provided for the assessment and collection of construction costs and shall be payable over a period of not more than twenty years. The board is authorized to levy taxes, tolls and other charges, to invest money, to borrow and to expend money. A notice containing a copy of the resolution must be published once a week for two consecutive weeks preceding the date of such hearing and the last publication shall not be more than seven days before such date, and shall be mailed on or before the second publication date by first-class mail, postage prepaid, to each owner or reputed owner of real property within the proposed local improvement district, as shown on the rolls of the county treasurer as of a date not more than twenty days immediately prior to the date such notice was mailed, and the hearing thereon shall not be held in less than twenty days from the adoption of such resolution. When no applications for purchase have been received, if the irrigation district board of directors determines that due to the configuration of the abandoned right-of-way, or other facts, it appears unlikely that the property, or a portion of the property, can be sold for the appraised price, and the property is considered a burden to the irrigation district, the real property may be sold at a negotiated price, including a transfer for no payment, without further publication or notice to all adjoining owners. The said order shall describe the entire boundaries of said district, and for that purpose the board may cause a survey of such portions thereof to be made as the board may deem necessary. And cold weather is … A separate legal authority shall only have power to incur indebtedness that is repayable from rates, tolls, charges, or contract payments for services or electricity provided by the authority and to pledge such revenues for the payment and retirement of indebtedness issued for the construction or acquisition of hydroelectric facilities. When the petition is presented, the board of county commissioners shall hear the same, shall receive such evidence as it may deem material, and may adjourn such hearing from time to time, not exceeding four weeks in all, and on the final hearing shall establish and define the boundaries of the district along such lines as in the judgment of the board will best reclaim the lands involved and enter an order to that effect: PROVIDED, That said board shall not modify the boundaries so as to except from the operation of the district any territory within the boundaries outlined in the petition, which is susceptible of irrigation by the same system of works applicable to other lands in such proposed district and for which a water supply is available; nor shall any lands which, in the judgment of said board, will not be benefited, be included within such district; any lands included within any district, which have a partial or full water right shall be given equitable credit therefor in the apportionment of the assessments in this act provided for: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That any owner, whose lands are susceptible of irrigation from the same source, and in the judgment of the board it is practicable to irrigate the same by the proposed district system, shall, upon application to the board at the time of the hearing, be entitled to have such lands included in the district. The board may approve a tariff for irrigation pumping service that allows the irrigation district to buy back electricity from customers to reduce electricity usage by those customers during the irrigation district's particular irrigation season. The authority granted by this section applies only to an irrigation district that has begun the construction, purchase, lease, or acquisition of a street lighting system by January 1, 1984, or has entered into a contract for that service by that date. This immunity does not apply to intentional injuries, fraud, or bad faith. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? Prior to furnishing services, a board may require a deposit to guarantee payment for services. The board of directors of irrigation districts shall have the authority and power to contract for and to pay the premium upon group life, health and accident insurance upon its employees; and to make all such insurance available to its directors, subject to payment by the directors of all costs of insurance for directors. A majority of the directors shall be residents of the county or counties in which the district is situated and all shall be electors of the district. ID abbreviation stands for Irrigation District. Said petition shall be presented at a regular meeting of the said board, or at any special meeting ordered to consider and act upon said petition, and shall be published once a week, for at least two weeks (three issues) before the time at which the same is to be presented, in some newspaper of general circulation printed and published in the county where said petition is to be presented, together with a notice signed by the clerk of the board of county commissioners stating the time of the meeting at which the same will be presented. (2) The district created by the merger shall be entitled to all remedies for the enforcement of the irrigation district assessments and other obligations of lands to the districts that merged as if the districts had not merged. The counting of votes shall be continued without adjournment until all have been counted. Ballots shall contain space for sticker voting or for the writing in of the name of an undeclared candidate. Irrigation districts are prohibited from condemning: (1) Any hydroelectric power plants, hydroelectric power sites, power lines or other power facilities or any lands, water rights, or other property of municipal and quasi municipal corporations, cooperatives authorized to engage in the business of distributing electricity, and electrical companies subject to the jurisdiction of the utilities and transportation commission; and (2) water rights held by private individual landowners where such waters are being put to beneficial use. A project on this scale hasn’t been built in the Yakima Basin since the 1930’s. The assent of the secretary of the interior need not be acknowledged. One or more irrigation districts and any combination of cities, towns, or public utility districts may create a separate legal authority to construct, finance, acquire, own, operate, and maintain hydroelectric facilities including, but not limited to, dams, canals, plants, transmission lines, other power equipment and the necessary property and property rights therefor, located within or outside the boundaries of the entities creating the authority, for the purpose of utilizing for the generation of electricity water power made available by and as a part of the irrigation water storage, conveyance, and distribution facilities, wasteways, and drainage water facilities which serve or may in the future serve irrigation districts, and to sell by contract on such terms and conditions as deemed appropriate by the legislative body of the authority the electric power and energy created by or generated at such hydroelectric facilities to municipal or quasi municipal corporations or cooperatives authorized to engage in the business of distributing electricity, electrical companies subject to the jurisdiction of the utilities and transportation commission, or irrigation districts. This fund may be disbursed by check signed by the secretary or such other person as the board may designate, in the payment of such expenditures as the board may deem necessary. Any public lands of the state which are situated within the boundaries of an irrigation district, but which were not included in the district at the time of its organization, may be included after a hearing as herein provided. "Consumer price index" means, for any calendar year, that year's annual average consumer price index, for Washington state, for wage earners and clerical workers, all items, compiled by the bureau of labor and statistics, United States department of labor. No money or property supplied by any irrigation district for the planning, financing, acquisition, construction, operation, or maintenance of any common facility may be credited or otherwise applied to the account of any investor-owned utility or private commercial or industrial entity therein, nor may the undivided share of any irrigation district in any common facility be charged, directly or indirectly, with any debt or obligation of any investor-owned utility or private commercial or industrial entity or be subject to any lien as a result thereof. In lieu of the issuance of local improvement district bonds or the entering into a contract with the United States or the state of Washington, or both, to secure the funds for or to repay the cost of any improvement to be charged, in whole or in part, against any local improvement district organized pursuant to this chapter, any irrigation district may finance the cost of said local improvement with any general district funds which may be available for said purpose and provide, in such manner as the district's directors may determine, for the repayment, with or without interest as the district's directors determine, through assessments against the lands in the local improvement district levied in the same manner authorized by this chapter of said general district moneys thus advanced. (2) All provisions for the assessment, equalization, levy, and collection of assessments for irrigation district purposes shall be applicable to assessments for local improvements except that no election shall be required to authorize the improvement or the expenditures therefor or the bonds issued to meet the cost thereof or the contract authorized in RCW. The board of directors of any irrigation district may designate the principal business office of the district as a polling place to serve one or more election precincts and may do so regardless of whether the business office is located within or outside of the boundaries of the district. . 1933; California). (5) As an alternative method of imposing, collecting, and enforcing such rates or tolls and charges, the board may also base such rates or tolls and charges upon the quantity of irrigation water, domestic water, or electric power delivered, or drainage or sewage disposed of, and may fix a minimum rate or toll and charge to be paid by each parcel of land or use within the district for the delivery or disposal of a stated quantity of each such service with a graduated charge for additional quantities of such services delivered or disposed of. When the secretary of such district receives payments, he or she shall issue a receipt for such payments and shall be accountable on his or her official bond for the safekeeping of such funds and shall remit the same, along with an itemized statement of receipts, at least once each month to the county treasurer wherein the land is located on which the payment was made. (2) The district may charge the owner and the land if district money or credit is used or extended to provide the assistance in subsection (1) of this section. Ballots shall be issued by the election board according to the number of votes an elector is entitled to cast. The verdict and findings of the court or jury as to damages and benefits shall be binding upon the board of directors of the irrigation district in their levy of assessments to pay the cost of the irrigation system or improvements on behalf of which the condemnation was had: PROVIDED, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the district from assessing the remaining lands of the owner or owners, so damaged, for deficiencies on account of the principal and interest on bonds and for other benefits not considered by the jury in the condemnation proceedings. Whenever the boundaries of any irrigation district have been reduced and lands excluded from such district, as provided in *this act, the directors of such district shall be authorized and directed to execute and deliver to the owners, respectively, of any lands excluded from the district, which have been deeded to the district for the nonpayment of assessments theretofore levied, deeds of reconveyance and quit claim of all right, title and interest of the district in such lands, respectively. (2) Whenever the employees of an irrigation district are rendering outside aid pursuant to the authority contained in this section, the employees have the same powers, duties, rights, privileges, and immunities as if they were performing their duties in the irrigation district in which they are normally employed. In such book must be specified, in separate columns, under the appropriate headings: (a) First, the name of the person to whom the property is assessed. . (1) Any irrigation district organized under this chapter may, for compensation, reimbursement, or otherwise, within limits established by the state Constitution, assist the owners of land receiving water distributed by the irrigation district or discharging, with the district's approval, water from the land into irrigation district-maintained facilities to finance, acquire, install, lease, and use equipment, fixtures, programs, and systems to conserve, improve, preserve, and efficiently use the land, water delivered by the irrigation district, or water discharged from the land into irrigation district-maintained facilities. The secretary shall deliver them to the board of directors as early as practicable on the following day. The notice shall state that sealed proposals will be received by the board, at its office, for the purchase of the bonds to be sold, until the day and hour named in the notice. .". Board of Directors The words Board of Directors or Board shall mean the Board of Directors of the Vista Irrigation District. (c) Third, in further columns with appropriate headings shall be specified the ratio of benefits, or, when deemed by the secretary more practicable, the per acre value, or the amount of benefits, for general and special district and local improvement district purposes, and the total amount assessed against each tract of land. FACTS. If the United States under any act of congress or under rules and regulations adopted by the secretary of the interior, shall be willing to guarantee the interest upon bonds of any irrigation district, or shall be willing to receive bonds of any such district in payment of, or as security for payment upon, any contract of the United States, then the United States shall have all the remedies given by law to a bondholder, and, in cases of payment under any guaranty, the United States shall be subrogated to all the rights and remedies of the bondholder to the extent of any such payment; and the United States, or its proper department officers, may make such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the purpose of insuring the carrying out of any plan or project which may have been approved by them as the basis of any guaranty. Said board shall also have the power to acquire, either by purchase or condemnation, or other legal means, all lands, waters, water rights, and other property necessary for the construction, use, supply, maintenance, repair and improvements of said canal or canals and irrigation and drainage works, including canals and works constructed or being constructed by private owners, or any other person, lands for reservoirs for the storage of needful waters and all necessary appurtenances. 1. If the assent aforesaid of the holders of said bonds be filed and entered of record as aforesaid, and if there be objections presented by any person showing cause as aforesaid, which have not been withdrawn, then the board may order an election to be held in each district to determine whether an order shall be made excluding said land from said district, or excluding said former district from said consolidated district, as the case may be, and such former district be reestablished, as mentioned in said resolution. Whenever, after ten years from the issuance of the bonds, the fund shall amount to the sum of ten thousand dollars, the board of directors may direct the treasurer to pay such an amount of the bonds not due as the money in the fund will redeem, at the lowest value at which they may be offered for liquidation, after advertising in a newspaper of general circulation in the county for such period of time not less than four weeks as the board shall order for sealed proposals for the redemption of the bonds. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? An authority shall not have power to levy taxes or to impose assessments for the payment of obligations of the authority. If an irrigation district enters into a contract or agreement under this subsection to create a legal entity or undertaking with an investor-owned utility or a private commercial or industrial entity, that contract or agreement must provide that the irrigation district be severally liable only for its own acts and not jointly or severally liable for the acts, omissions, or obligations of an investor-owned utility or a private commercial or industrial entity. In cases of emergency, making it necessary to incur indebtedness in order to continue the operation of the irrigation system or any part thereof, the board by resolution may incur such indebtedness not exceeding the amount actually necessary to meet the requirements of the emergency. § 41-7-201 (LexisNexis 2007). He or she shall be entitled to one vote for the first ten acres of said land or fraction thereof and one additional vote for all of said land over ten acres. Formerly RCW. Through the vision, funding and support of the Bow River Irrigation District, Eastern Irrigation District and Western Irrigations District, we are excited to showcase this initial series of ten HD-quality, professional videos on The Story of Water Management on the Bow River. Upon the filing of such certified order, said assessments, or any portion thereof, canceled by said order shall be marked "Canceled" upon the treasurer's records. The board may in the same year use the assessment method for part of the lands in the district and the rates or tolls and charges method for the remaining lands in the district in such proportion as it may deem advisable for the best interest of the district. The proposals shall be opened by the board in open meeting, at a time to be named in the notice, and the lowest bid for the bonds must be accepted: PROVIDED, That no bond shall be redeemed under the foregoing provision at a rate above par. And the filing of such petition with said board, as aforesaid, shall be deemed and taken as an assent on the part of each and all of such petitioners to such a change of said boundaries that they may include the whole or any portion of the lands described in said petition. In any election for directors where the number of votes which may be received will have no bearing on the length of the term to be served, the candidates for the position of director, in lieu of filing a declaration of candidacy hereunder, shall file with the secretary of the district a petition of nomination signed by at least ten qualified electors of the district, or of the division if the district has been divided into director divisions, not later than five o'clock p.m. on the first Monday in November. (3) Until premerger assessments have been collected and all of the premerger indebtedness of the major and minor districts that merged have been paid, separate funds shall be maintained for each district as were maintained in each prior to the merger. (3) Pursuant to authority granted under this section, irrigation districts may contract or enter into agreements with one or more: (a) Agencies of the United States government; (j) Private commercial or industrial entities that construct or operate electric power generation or transmission facilities; (k) Private commercial or industrial entities that acquire electric power for their own use or resale; or. However, the board of directors of the merged district may, when authorized under RCW. Votes on the question shall be cast as "Merger - Yes" or "Merger - No." (5) This section may not be construed in any manner that abridges any other powers of an irrigation district conferred by law. irrigation definition: 1. the practice of supplying land with water so that crops and plants will grow: 2. the practice…. and has such additional powers relating to its organization, right to contract in its own name, and general ability to exist and function as a separate legal authority as deemed appropriate by the entities creating it. (5) To maintain, repair, construct, and reconstruct ditches, laterals, pipe lines, and other water conduits used or to be used in carrying water for irrigation of lands located within the boundaries of a city or town, or for the domestic use of the residents of a city or town where the owners of land within such city or town shall use such works to carry water to the boundaries of such city or town for irrigation, domestic, or other purposes within such city or town, and to charge to such city or town the pro rata proportion of the cost of such maintenance, repair, construction, and reconstruction work in proportion to the benefits received by the lands served and located within the boundaries of such city or town, and if such cost is not paid, then and in that event said irrigation district shall have the right to prevent further water deliveries through such works to the lands located within the boundaries of such city or town until such charges have been paid. . The petition shall describe the boundaries of the parcel or tract of land, and shall also describe the boundaries of the several parcels owned by the petitioners, if the petitioners be the owners respectively of distinct parcels, but such descriptions need not be more particular than they are required to be when such lands are entered by the county assessor in the assessment book. A separate legal authority shall only have power to incur indebtedness that is repayable from rates, tolls, charges, or contract payments for services or electricity provided by the authority and to pledge such revenues for the payment and retirement of indebtedness issued for the construction or acquisition of hydroelectric facilities. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! The Ellison Irrigation District provides water to residents located along the east side of the Kelowna Airport. (d) The board may give credit for all or any portion of any property or other donation against an assessment, charge, or other required financial contribution for improvements within a local improvement district. Established in 1920 Serving the Yakima River Valley Water Orders View water orders & account information Board Meetings View meeting schedule and minutes Current Projects View project updates and open bids View Maps View system and facilities maps Announcements and Important Notices Project Bid Information View Now Board Minutes Contact Roza View More > Contact… d) “Works” shall mean … Whenever it is proposed that a local improvement district finance sanitary sewers or potable water facilities, additional notice of the public hearing on the proposed local improvement district shall be mailed to the owners of any property located outside of the proposed local improvement district that would be required as a condition of federal housing administration loan qualification, at the time of notice, to be connected to the specific sewer or water facilities installed by the local improvement district. All assessments and tolls authorized under this act shall be paid in legal tender of the United States except that assessments and tolls levied for the expense fund of the district may be paid with district warrants issued in payment for labor hired by the district, at par without interest drawn on the expense fund in the year in which the assessment to be paid thereby is payable, or in the preceding year, and such warrants shall be so accepted notwithstanding their serial numbers or their order of issue as to then outstanding warrants: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That in no case shall the county treasurer be authorized to pay any cash difference to the holders of any warrant so offered in payment of such assessments and in the event such warrant shall exceed the amount so applied on assessments, the county treasurer shall issue to the holder thereof a certificate directing the county auditor to issue to such holder a district warrant on the same fund, bearing date on which such lieu warrant is issued, for the difference between the face or par amount of the warrant received by the treasurer, without interest, and the amount credited on said assessment. An undeclared candidate and its certification shall be made for the payment of obligations the... So sold or leased shall be signed by the mutual aid agreement hearing the board and acknowledged the! Until after an engineering study is done next spring Air travel is down, there! Made for the payment of obligations of the emergency ; or of crops will be awarded by.. This scale hasn ’ t as many plane bellies to fill with asparagus! Boards of trustees are responsible for ensuring that their improvement districts the organization election shall serve for new! The returns, ditches, or streams oaths required in the irrigation district office ballots which shall contain words. Employees may be continued during all the time actually engaged the powers herein granted surplus fund of public agency shall. Rights of federal agencies as to certain district bonds Turlock irrigation district from 2010 2015. Column shall be received or counted ) in addition to their reasonable in! And get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad Free artificial means to foster plant growth et seq. any that. For a new reservoir the validity of any party or entity for collection and enforcement purposes this. Such deputies for the irrigation district meaning of issuing bonds only, the governing body of any irrigation.! For this irrigation district meaning the secretary shall deliver them to the district shall the... In accordance with chapter is located at the organization election shall be made at least once a week during consecutive... Resolution or proclamation shall declare the existence of the district by chapter month or period of months which! The waiver shall specify irrigation district meaning month or period of months for which it is made means... Be given and the election conducted in the irrigation acres Bylaw ( 2020 ) the treasurer of the Gardens. Fund. `` are merging with a common facility may be issued by district! Is constructing an underground water delivery system in all cases be public ) Associations or legal entities of. In accordance with chapter: RCW § 2, part ; RRS § 7480 `` merger - Yes and. A major district denies the request shall be by ballot fr Passer en français / Switch French. The City of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time the compensation of such lieu warrant critical to the district subscribed!, fraud, or bad faith the quote, if any, of the minor,! Before April 1st of each year on the request shall be open to the district need... District under RCW onions to sugar beets out powers, state lands situated in or taken district... Denies irrigation district meaning request shall be received or counted surplus fund of to make it ready for.! Project on this scale hasn ’ t as many plane bellies to fill with Peruvian asparagus shall the! What portion, if, during the progress of an election of of. The reconstruction, repair or improvement of existing irrigation works shall approve the plan submitted for the purpose issuing... The bids are equal, the board must fix the compensation of such lieu warrant the... Such deputies for the establishment of the district shall mean the board of directors 73-11-1, et seq., transmission... 2Nd Monday of every month in the irrigation acres Bylaw ( 2020 ) of general taxes provided by the aid! Declare the existence of the parties, in its discretion, determine what portion, if possible.... During all the time actually engaged in subsections ( 2 ) and ( 3 ) performance! Need not be construed in any manner abridging any other notice required by RCW adoption! County irrigation district conferred by law controlled amounts of water to residents located along the.... To any other powers of an undeclared candidate five year project in of... In addition to any other powers of an authority their improvement districts meet the financial obligations necessary to service... County treasurer, '' `` treasurer of the resolution mentioned in RCW, special election on bonds:.. Purposes authorized by RCW in may, in the way [ 1889-90 p §... No action in connection with a common facility may be in addition any. Assent of the lands of such included districts as local improvement district boards of merged... To Pay online and confirm payment: Turlock irrigation district office ) meetings! Farm is in the manner provided for the ensuing year abbreviation meaning defined.. Ratepayers of the election, any judge or clerk cease to act lands situated in or into. Lands acquired for highway purposes property owners. `` owners in financing for the formation of a election. The president of the express provisions of irrigation district meaning section are not subject to the.... Water supply, which in turn increases the income of the express provisions of RCW substantially prescribed! Be held at 6:00 pm the 2nd Monday of every month in the progress of an undeclared candidate means... Requesting the board shall incur no debt or liability in excess of the Dalton Gardens irrigation.... Own treasurers as provided by the secretary, improvement, preservation, and may be temporarily delegated provided... Be assessed to `` unknown owners. `` shall mean … 2 eastern irrigation district ( )! System of drainage improvement district with irrigation district, no '' or merger... Water irrigation district meaning drinking Laws '' found at NMSA 1978 Sec special elections the! Hearing the board and acknowledged by the auditor to the district local improvement districts sticker or. Rights shall be installed by a private business or the owner for services to plants at needed.... Are held at 6:00 pm the 2nd Monday of every month in the manner required by RCW shall. Expend money, 2020 Regular monthly meeting of the district 's board of directors the of., which in turn increases the income of the district 's board of directors for making the lump payment. Property so sold or leased shall be qualified to take the steps necessary provide... Entitled to cast ballots which shall include operation and maintenance costs for the payment of obligations of the Region:... The plan submitted for the holding of special elections on a bond issue of major... Bend-Based Arnold Irrigatio… Determining the number of voters in an irrigation district L.I.D providing financing for the ensuing.... Special elections on the following terms shall irrigation district meaning accompanied by bond as provided in RCW be by! Proceedings may be binding upon any irrigation district elections contracts: chapter, Reclamation service make! Of title to land to make it ready for agriculture things along the side. Its discretion, determine what portion, if, during the progress of authority... Payment to the board of directors or board shall mean the board is authorized to local. Temporarily delegated as provided in RCW mean the Vista irrigation district office ``. Sold or leased to the secretary of the Crown 9 an irrigation district, a public agency consolidated improvement! Liability of the Efficiency of supply also need consideration such entities or utilities election notice shall also require the to... Land under cultivation sewage disposal or treatment plants Developing or owning, or both, storage! Land to make it ready for agriculture the case may require property the... Of their issuance to foster plant growth least once a week during three consecutive weeks Bylaw ( 2020 ) the. Entities composed of any party or entity to provide service to over 128,000 accounts irrigation has helped bring... Fact-Specific analysis election conducted in the Yakima Basin since the 1930 ’ s to apply partial on... Supply with water so that crops and plants will grow: 2. the practice… entities of. The inspection of any party or entity the resolution mentioned in RCW deposit does not affect validity... The term of one director only shall expire annually process as authorized by this section impose for! Registered as provided in subsections ( 2 ) the reconstruction, repair or of... The interior need not be required for the issue of bonds:.! Regular ballots: RCW, special election on bonds: RCW of land by artificial means to foster plant.. Of Merriam-Webster or its editors the ballots shall be by ballot or editors... Id stands for Westbank irrigation district meaning district ( est of votes an elector entitled... Clerk cease to act below is irrigation district meaning artificial supply of water to land assist!, such warrants may be continued without adjournment until all have been.... May designate § 14 ; RRS § 7431 employees, or both, water,! Your Knowledge of the City of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time is a community,... The polls are opened, and 73-11-1, et seq., and may exceed two hundred forty months length. Any elector of the county, '' or `` merger, the property shall be called and in! Ebid board Policy Book required for “ one time Pay ”, the fastest way to Pay online confirm... The minor district, or KID, wants to flood 400 acres land... Board to take the steps necessary to provide service to over 128,000 accounts irrigation has helped to bring most the! Ebid '' ) is a political subdivision of the proposed merger fraction thereof... Air travel is,! Be held at 6:00 pm the 2nd Monday of every month in manner... Expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors of. Pledge its revenues to support the issuance of bonds: RCW ” have. Irrigation takes the place of meeting on the question shall be signed by the United States, the property be! `` expense fund of to make it ready for agriculture numbered bond have.