About Midcon

MidCon Fuel Services is an independent, growth-oriented fuel provider. Technology, experience, and a service oriented mentality allows our team to consistently preform for you.

We are focused on developing innovative, efficient, and cost-saving solutions for fuel consumers. MidCon’s long standing industry relationships, strategic asset base, and affiliated partners make it possible for MidCon to bridge the gap from the refinery to main street. We deliver value through service. Please explore the different services we provide to see if MidCon can help you today.

MidCon Fuel Services is privately backed and funded with long-term and ongoing sources of capital to be equipped for growth in an ever-changing market environment. Our financial partners make it possible for MidCon to focus on service and customer satisfaction in an industry where they are paramount for long-term sustainability, while at the same time providing access to a large industry network.

Our Mission

Your Reliable Partner From Wellhead to Your Fuel Tank...

Our mission has always and will continue to put focus on the customer first. As we find problems in the distribution network, we strive for efficient solutions regardless of product or market. This mandate has helped us grow as fast as we have, without sacrificing service to the customer.


Management Team

Our dedicated management team, with a combined 60 years in the energy business, retains industry expertise spanning from the oil patch to wall street. This leadership provides MidCon with both direction and purpose through both company growth initiatives and fluctuating markets.