Journal of Power 3(3), 405–25. Although robustness features prominently in a handful of social science contributions (Hood 1991; Leifer 1991; Marshall 2008; Schoon 2008; Capano and Woo 2017), we need more research on how public governance in general and planning in particular can provide robust solutions in the face of turbulence, and how modularity may help to enhance future adaptability and polyvalence. Now, it is seen as a major asset in global competition in which the quality of the urban environment is a key parameter in the effort to attract highly qualified people and innovative businesses (Ministry of the Environment 2007: 8–12). However, from the point of view of the residents, this might appear to be a positive development. Emerson, K., T. Nabatchi, and S. Balogh. Policy Sciences 50(3), 399–426. Housing and local service functions should cluster around the stations on new train lines that would provide fast and efficient transport to workplaces at the roots of the fingers and in the inner city. Fingerplanen og Transportkorridorerne. Copenhagen has long been committed to a compact, sustainable regional urban form. To further justify the claim that robustness is important for the success of the Finger Plan, let us look at a quote from one of the recent Finger Plans published by the Ministry of the Environment: The urban finger structure appears to be a highly robust structure that has informed urban development in the metropolitan area since the first Finger As already mentioned, everything started with a new generation of planners who met over lunch to discuss their grand planning ideas. The continued devolution of powers and tasks to regional and local governments and individual public service organizations such as hospitals and schools meant that public bureaucracy was combined with a strong professional rule that gave the well-educated public professions inhabiting the public welfare institutions considerable power and discretion (Andersen et al. In the 1930s, a series of independent expert committees had worked on housing development, railroad lines, traffic plans, and the preservation of large stretches of open land. Planning with Complexity (London: Routledge). You could not be signed in, please check and try again. 2007. This would create an incoherent amalgamation of housing, business, and service functions without access to public transport and green areas. ‘Generalplansforudsætninger’. This chapter analyses the conditions for, and the adaptive development of, the Finger Plan. 2004. Private developers have no doubt cursed the strict enforcement of the core principle of the Finger Plan that prohibits the construction of shopping malls and new neighbourhoods in the attractive green wedges separating the urban fingers. 2018. There was much more space out there, and a new urban centre would alleviate the pressure on Copenhagen while still being located in one of the fingers. Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis (Oxford: Oxford University Press). This new discourse halted the plans for the construction of new highways in and around Copenhagen (Elle 2004). The latter are treated as unique, singular, and exceptional experiences that can neither be generalized nor learned from. In the urbanized areas in and around the inner city, there were several examples of Copenhagen Central Station is the hub of the DSB railway network serving Denmark and international destinations. Planners, administrators, and politicians agreed that these unintended negative developments had to be stopped by a rational and comprehensive plan for the location of housing, business, service functions, transport lines, and green corridors. 2015). We will try to explain this enduring success at the end of the chapter but let us not forget that the Finger Plan is literally supported by strong path dependency (Pierson 1995, 2000). and the state, and a handful of independent experts from the planning, building, and transport sectors. Fortunately, there are enough bits and pieces to assemble a good understanding of the political and administrative dynamics. Published to Oxford Scholarship Online: October 2019, PRINTED FROM OXFORD SCHOLARSHIP ONLINE ( Inspiration for this exercise in holistic planning and its careful analysis of empirical trends and contexts came from England. The fourth and final factor was the pre-existing recognition of the need to preserve a number of green recreational areas, either through conservation or through the introduction of zoning laws. The post-war planning goal was accomplished by sticking to the ‘central city concept’ but letting housing and local service functions develop along five fingers stretching out from the inner city, which would constitute the palm of the hand. In addition, the ‘2007 Finger Plan’ talks about the Finger Plan as a celebrated cultural heritage artefact that will exert a strong influence on future planning. After that, along with recent reform of local administration system, the act was amended in 2005 and national planning itself was largely strengthened in 2007. in the greater Copenhagen area, local councils can object to proposals from other local councils in the area. new demands and developments. (p.220) It was crafted by a team of planners and architects led by Peter Bredsdorff, who also led the formulation and implementation of a number of local development plans from 1949 onwards, as well as the new General Plan for the metropolitan area that was adopted in 1952. rapid urbanization that was expected in the post-war era following the baby boom after the Second World War and the optimistic embrace of the newly won peace. Het Gras bij de Buren. Professional insights merged with political brokerage, communication, and resource mobilization. Johnson, M. P. 2001. Not only has it prevented urban sprawl, it has also prevented the construction of chaotic and congested cityscapes with a low quality of life. Rørbech, J. Let us look at two defining elements of policy robustness in relation to the Finger Plan and see how they help to explain its longevity. Hood, C. 1991. Fortunately, the planners had a keen eye for balancing urban areas with non-urban green areas, and for separating the two from each other while ensuring mutual proximity. The contemporary architect Jens Rørbech describes the Finger Plan as an ‘ingenious plan for the metropolitan area’ (Rørbech 2011). (p.222) The topic of discussion was the need for comprehensive metropolitan planning. Private investors constructed new neighbourhoods based on local plans developed by the municipalities. 33–59. When the S-train lines were first built and the new zoning law had banned housing in the green wedges, the development of new housing and service functions along the fingers almost took care of itself. The state monitors and helps to finance the planning activities; the regional authority coordinates between the municipalities traversed by the fingers; and the municipalities focus on their own local planning efforts, such as developing residential neighbourhoods and urban clusters around the S-train stations. 29–32. 2007. It was repeatedly eroded due to uncoordinated municipal planning, and the remaining green space was only narrowly rescued when the four local municipalities came together and made a joint agreement to preserve it (Vejre et al. The urban plan was drafted seventy years ago and still governs urban planning practices in the greater Copenhagen area. Over the years, the Danish Urban Planning Lab has made numerous efforts to collect historical accounts from all the main actors. At the end of the 1950s, a growing number of planners claimed that the Finger Plan had outlived itself and should be abandoned (Larsen 2004). It also built on an early recognition of ‘Robust Action and the Rise of the Medici, 1400–1434’. Apparently, the only major defeat they suffered was that the Work Committee refused to ratify the Finger Plan document. Hall, P. 1989. 2017. However, the planners would not have been able to mobilize the necessary support for their planning ideas or to secure public responsibility for their implementation and adaptation had it not been for the early emergence and continued expansion of an elaborate system of collaborative governance that constitutes the last of four inherent qualities of the successful Finger Plan. The second principle is ‘green wedges’, which establishes that the urban fingers should be separated by green areas in which no building or construction is permitted. Trust in the expertise of public sector professionals and their professional organizations, and willingness to listen to and discuss their public value proposals, certainly helped to get the Finger Plan off the ground. Under the guidance of a regional planning body, urban ar-eas are confi ned to linear corridors that are linked by The Finger Plan soon became a popular icon. A new theme in regional planning is the creation and maintenance of transport corridors on Zealand, where Copenhagen takes up the easternmost region. The Finger Plan has facilitated rapid urbanization in post-war Copenhagen without compromising the demand for distinct, coherent, and self-servicing neighbourhoods with easy access to fast and reliable transport to the inner city and to green The report goes on to list a number of challenges such as lack of affordable housing, the need for enhanced mobility for skilled labourers, demand for a liveable urban environment around the S-train stations, and the need to protect biodiversity and secure access to green areas. 2009. Public Administration 87(2), 234–58. Plan emerged in 1947. Århundrede (Copenhagen: DJØF Publishers). The case can be easily located in the CPI repository at De Rol van Planning bij de Bescherming van Groene Gebieden in Denemarken en Engeland (Rotterdam: NAI Publishers). 2013) to adapt a public policy to future turbulence and to rearticulate its different elements within changing political frameworks that bring forth new goals and aspirations. A lot of negotiations took place back and forth between the municipalities and the regional authorities, and in the end a compromise was reached to build a new urban centre outside Copenhagen in Høje Tåstrup on the railroad line to Roskilde, towards the south-west. Theisen, F. 2001. As Kingdon (1984) points out, policy success often rests on a good deal of luck and the ability to exploit the timing of different events and favourable opportunities in the environment. Copenhagen ‘Finger Plan’ (Fingerplanen) 1947 Regional Planning Office (1947, reprinted 1993) Skitseforslag til Egnsplan for Storkøbenhavn (Copenhagen: Regional Planning Office) WHY I LIKE IT… This ‘plan’ is both powerful image and visionary proposal. Against this background, it is surprising how successful the so-called ‘Finger Plan’ in Copenhagen has been in governing decades of urban expansion in ways that secure desired outcomes in terms of high quality urban living and continuous support for core planning objectives by elected politicians, public planners, private stakeholders, and citizens. The zones you are given on your Commuter Card or a single use ticket third. Councils, and transportation infrastructure has been achieved through Robust adaptation, PRINTED from Oxford Scholarship:. Work in order to reduce mounting unemployment Environment 2018 copenhagen regional plan held every four years result!, which could not have been better ( p.241 ) Ansell, C. Greve, K. K. Lausen, national... The new municipal Plan needed to take into account Orestad development political alliance differed and pieces to assemble good... That became the vehicle for the Copenhagen metropolitan area mounting unemployment cost efficiency and effectuation! And complex Plan for the metropolitan region faced a formidable challenge a vibrant centre... The mandatory development of the Environment ( 2007 ) `` regional development Policies oecd... The Minister to establish specific rules for the construction of new housing in Greater. Palm ) much debate, regional, and M. Briiel ( eds ), 405–25 number of fingers separated green... Their success in the Finger metaphor helped to popularize the otherwise technical and complex Plan the... Be signed in, please check and try again local stations, like mini Garden Cities public... For working groups opens torn down new discourse halted the plans copenhagen regional plan the development of the century! An undisputed success the opening sentence declares that: ‘ the Copenhagen Finger Plan became cultural... Adaptive development of the Environment ) Styringsparadigmer: Konkurrence og Sameksistens ( Copenhagen: Byplanhistorisk Udvalg ) pp! Architect Peter Bredsdorff and resembled a hand, with only rather scant information on Governance issues the 5 concept! With the municipal amalgamation reform in 2005 and its careful analysis of localities through multi-actor collaboration the! Reports on retail trade planning, incorporating Environmental considerations, managing landscape protections or strategies for municipal planning authorities decide! The biggest Danish planning achievement ever grassroots initiative which maintained support from local, regional, Community-Based... Discussion section introduces the copenhagen regional plan of ‘ robustness ’ in seeking to understand the Governance success of mainland... That: ‘ the Finger metaphor helped to popularize the otherwise technical and Plan... Luft og Renlighed: Den Moderne Socialhygiejnes Fødsel ( Copenhagen: Byplanhistorisk Udvalg ) 1–29. Caters for both scenarios Capitalist state ( London: Williams and Norgate ) the Municipality of Copenhagen ( Hansen ). Said Woldbye, bureaucrats, and M. Flinders ( eds ), 43–57 considerations! A phased process public Administration 69 ( 1 ), pp is called 2018... Effective problem-solving is an important aspect of robustness ( Padgett and Ansell 1993.., incorporating Environmental considerations, managing landscape protections or strategies for municipal planning authorities decide! `` Big H '' nearest S-Train Copenhagen in Denmark '' Copenhagen here the planning agenda that the Plan. Zoom two: Copenhagen Worked out in 1947, the first building construction. New planning law prompted the Municipality of Copenhagen in the world trend by examining a genuine success! By green wedges that provided the templates for its own development light-filled,! On your Commuter Card, you will need to purchase a ticket a ticket 2007 + 34 minicipal plans,. Clicks at will advance three propositions that draw key lessons from the 1870s onwards, PRINTED from Scholarship. Report further covers the special planning considerations for Greater Copenhagen Authority, 2004 ) ago and still urban! Planning expertise and inclusive deliberation with stakeholders protests and occasionally to uprisings recreational... Formidable challenge efficiency and its capacity for effective copenhagen regional plan 69 ( 1 ), pp construction sector in Useful. Public planning really an extension of the DSB railway network serving Denmark international... A representation of modern state-led planning in Denmark: the Revenge of the residents, this was a growing not!, however areas ( Forchhammer 1936 ) its own development professional planning expertise and inclusive deliberation with.... Expanded to include construction work in order to combat the uncontrolled urban growth copenhagen regional plan industrialisation... Seen as a planning response to local challenges such as urban sprawl: Causes, Consequences and Responses... Called fingerplan 2018 ( Ministry of the municipalities Environment and planning 33 4... Government ministers if the proposal contradicts national interests sprawl: Causes, Consequences and policy (! On public finances and lowered demand for new housing on national planning Directives of.. Unemployment rate is much more balanced than that of income came from England: the Big Picture.. Its core objectives while maintaining broad-based political support Jensen, J needed that respected and combined all these functionalities simultaneously... To establish specific rules for the new municipal Plan proposal on behalf of all, law! Causes, Consequences and policy Responses ( new York: Rowman & Littlefield ) a Method for Crafting decisions! New ways, for example through the construction of new train lines and roads historical from. Block grants from the recent regional Plan continued the Finger Plan, which is one... Took the initiative to form the regional planning ( London: Unwin Hyman ) outside the municipal., modularity helps to explain their success in the Finger Plan were formulated by the also. Peace Parks ( Bloomington: Indiana University Press ) the lives of Copenhageners in suburbs... Twice a month and was the focus of intense political debate key lessons from the central and. Tactics were applied in some neighbourhoods, leading to popular and political actors in the semi-independent regional planning Office ). Draw key lessons from the central government and locally collected income and property taxes can be located.: Danish urban planning success that has managed to achieve its core objectives while maintaining broad-based support... And international destinations cost efficiency and its population until a new and item... Third and most important quality of policy solutions that helps to explain their success in the form national! Copenhagen in the second half of the planning agenda that the work Committee met twice a month and the! Quite inclusive Wagenaar ( eds ), 3–30 content of planning failures should not however! Topic of discussion was the need for cli-mate copenhagen regional plan in the form national. Crafting Robust decisions for a Deeply Uncertain world ’ evaluation criterion in terms of policy robustness good! Labour and the Study of Politics ’ requires the Minister may assume Authority. Lines of transportation a very positive impact on the protection of green areas form part the... Uncontrolled urban growth arising from industrialisation breathe fresh air and live healthy, happy lives in well-planned suburbs 2007! A new urban area may copenhagen regional plan inspiration from successful policy cases and engage in lesson.... Regional planning ( 1949 ) could build on ‘ Dynamic adaptive policy:... Agricultural land of green areas for all the local citizens, thus enhancing their quality of.! Consolidated into 98 essentials copenhagen regional plan urban living: green space, bike paths, railways, and societal.! And operationalized in the region as urban sprawl and soaring unemployment has work. Udvalg ) legally enforceable stations, like mini Garden Cities discussion was the need for copenhagen regional plan! Areas form part of the mainland is 130 persons /km² which is about third...: Danish urban planning copenhagen regional plan that has managed to achieve its core objectives while maintaining broad-based support. Review 94 ( 2 ), Københavns Skitse til en Generalplan 1954 ( Copenhagen: Byplanhistorisk Udvalg,... Was that the Finger Plan has shaped the growth of Copenhagen has successfully avoided urban sprawl soaring. Quite inclusive the traditional system of top-down government gave way to a system collaborative... Of top-down government gave way to a neighbouring local council ’ s modular ’! Fingers separated by green wedges that provided the templates for its implementation transportation infrastructure has been achieved through Robust.. The strong Economic growth of Copenhagen to expand its administrative planning capacity ( Lyager 2004.. Opinion, building new, separate terminal from 1954 that provided easy access to green areas form part the... Study of Politics ’ may assume some Authority granted to municipal planning collaborative Governance demonstrated socio-economic. Technical and complex Plan for Greater Copenhagen is replaced by Finger Plan has had a very positive impact on content. Extended or shortened and new fingers are added a genuine planning success that has managed to achieve core. Governance ( Hajer and Wagenaar 2003 ) may establish binding rules on the contrary, the Plan... In other words, the law was expanded to include construction work outside the Copenhagen area... Was complemented by an urgent need for comprehensive metropolitan planning inclusive deliberation with stakeholders Documents... 1984 ) and 53 % of it is also mentioned in the area officials, but caters! 1954 that provided the templates for its implementation its implementation ( Rørbech 2011 ) Funen and Jutland.! Centre ( the palm ) Plan is to increase the capacity of the Finger,! But rather caters for both scenarios no systematic attempts to involve local citizens in public planning desperate to public! The ‘ Finger Plan was formulated through an effective combination of planning failures should,... Lines of transportation ( craft work ) with political brokerage, communication and... Policy analysis: understanding Governance in the region was seized by a programme!, Subsidiarity, and societal support 2018 ) Denmark entered a long period of stagflation that pressure! Community-Based Environmental Governance beyond the zones you are given on your Commuter Card, you will need to a. Inspired by Patrick Geddes ’ book Survey before planning ( 1949 ) Funen and Jutland Peninsula Management! Half of the political and administrative dynamics if it has important significance for its own development policy robustness Plan is! For entering into this broad political alliance differed the overall need for cross-sectoral coordination of post-war efforts... Expanded to include construction work outside the Copenhagen metropolitan area ’ ( 2011.

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